About Us

Georgina Alison Russell is a 19-year-old student who enjoys going to the movies, finger painting and golf. She is inspiring and giving, but can also be very greedy and a bit disloyal.

She is a Brazilian Muslim who defines herself as straight. She is currently at college.

Physically, Georgina is in pretty good shape. She is very tall with chocolate skin, red hair and black eyes. She has a nasal kink.

She grew up in an upper class neighbourhood. She was raised by her father, her mother having left when she was young.

She is currently single. Her most recent romance was with a kitchen assistant called Douglas Eliot Cummings, who was 3 years older than her. They broke up because Douglas wanted a quieter life than Georgina could provide.

Georgina’s best friend is a student called Ashley Weber. They get on well most of the time. She also hangs around with Zoya Chapman and Simone Ingram. They enjoy spreading fake news on Facebook together.